Top Definition
The term for Lies
When someone says "thats Ragtish"
Jack "Did you hear about mitch the other day"
Paige" Yeah man, thats such Ragtish"
#bullshit #stupid #rubbish #lies #shit
by Pdiddy100 November 22, 2013
Another word for bullshit

Derives from the native bull named the Rag in Southern Argentina.

Tish is another word for shit in latin.

Popular in Central England, commonly used by members of the 2 2's gang based in Wolverhampton.
Jack: Have you seen Paiges Versache jeans bag?

Mitch: yeah, ragtish is that real

Jack: the bitch isnt even rich

Chris: lolage
#bullshit #lies #rubbish #stupid #crap #horseshit
by BitchMrooks November 26, 2013
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