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A phrase used to startle unsuspecting people. Starting on an episode of the show "Billy And Mandy".
John: That was a scary movie last night!
Fred: Yes it was.
*Ben comes out of a closet*
by mackenzie babaganoosh October 29, 2007
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A word with many meanings, it could mean anything
1. an exterme anger
2. a sexual inuendo
3. can be use in the place of a "Snap!"
4. a state of drunkenness or highness
1. Dude I am so frickin' raglefragled right now!
2. do you wana go back to my place and raglefragle
3. "Oh raglefragle, did you see that?"
4. Dude I am so frickin' raglefragled right now.
by Big L. March 20, 2009
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raglefragle is a phrase you shout to make someone jump

usually a good idea to hide before shouting it

HAHA we made you jump :P
by DAVOTOPDOG May 26, 2010
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