n. The practice of tormenting freshmen at school. An initiation process involving harassment. syn: hazing
The freshmen at school were subjected to ragging.
by Mmmm February 17, 2004
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For a female to have her period.
Damn man, that bitch was ragging so bad she bled all over my bed! DAMN!
by Rag-tastic January 24, 2003
Menstruating. i.e. when a woman has her period. The origin is possibly from the days when women had to use rags as sanitary towels.
She's always moody when ragging - she'll be better in a day or two.
by _xenny_ December 18, 2009
to drive in a race driver like manor, abusing the vehicle by the style of driving a achieve maximum performance.
oi son, if you dont stop ragging this things gonna pop!
by fergz November 08, 2007
Term for wiping one's arse
After finding out I had diarrhea I was ragging all day but it just wouldn't come off.
by Rag-gangsta September 10, 2010
To fuck someone hard, all night, in various harcore positions. Not a romantic way to have sex, but good for one night stands after you've just split up with your ex and need some hard ass fucking.
"Did you pull last night?"

"I didn't just pull, I took her home and ragged her harsh too."
by Gma June 02, 2005
Term to shorten "playing Ragnarok Online".
"Bro! Hey bro! Let's start ragging this afternoon!"
by Zero G Argoseyer May 22, 2010

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