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A subculture in Sweden inspired by the whole 1950-60s American rock n' roll, hot rod, "greaser" concept.

Raggare are a lot like American biker gangs and motorcycle clubs: They mostly consist of young or middle aged rural "redneck" types clad in denim and leather and even wear mullets and facial hair, drink heavily and are believed to be violent although the main difference is that raggare center their obsession more on cars rather than motorcycles.

They also had rivalries with hippies and punks often resulting in fist fights.
I've been to a hot rod show in Sweden and it was jam packed with those raggare dudes showing off their rides.
by A friendly stranger June 09, 2005
Raggare is a swedish version of a greaser, but of course there are differences.

Raggare is basicly white men with back-slick hair who drivin' around in a ugly car (Either american car from 50's or a black-sprayed Swedish VOLVO). Raggare are in fact very ugly people. You can often see them driving in a car on groups of 5 + one poor girl in the backseat who everyone have fucked.

Raggare can often appear uninvited on parties where they attempting and succeding in stealing others girlfriends.

Raggare is also in a feud with the punks. There are often 5 raggare who is trying to beat down 1 punk.

Raggare smells bad and are dressing in typical greaser clothing or t-shirt with american motives (like flags and eagles).

Random party guy: "Ey! There comes Sven and his gang in their ugly black-painted VOLVO!"

Sven and gang: *parking their car*

Girls: *running out and admire the raggare*

Random punk at party: EEYY!! You are stealin' my girlfriend you American Bush-Licker-Motherfucker!!

Sven and gang: *drag out the punk in the forest and almost get beaten down but wins the fight cuz they are 5 vs 1.*
by Najhilist July 23, 2010
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