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1. A type of drum and bass music characterized by extremely fast drum programming, rolling and pitch-changing snares, reggae and various rastafarian/ ganja smoking samples, excessive use of the "Amen Snare", and absolutely soul-crushing basslines.
2. The best form of music ever created by man, NAY, ANY creature in the universe.
Me: Dude, last night I was smokin' a fat blizzie while listening to Soundmurderer's "Wired For Sound", which is my favorite ragga CD.
Joe: What's ragga?
dancehall music
i got loads of ragga music yesterday
by icle_shane August 20, 2003
Rag-a-muffin or raggedy street youth or street youth style
u look ragga
by liberty November 26, 2003
music dat we all know we laydees can shake our bootys to. it is a gnre of music
i love my ragga music
by lolly November 23, 2004