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a noob gets owned, chucks a sad, then leaves.
That fucker is aimbotting so fucking bad.. and look no one is fucking planting the bomb.. omfg..I hate this fucking game! FUCKING HACKERS!!1 I'm GOING!!! FuckBags!!

What a noob ragequitter.
by Slapjimmy August 21, 2006
1. that douchebag. you know the one, gets unnecessarily pissed at a stupid game and "storms" out after a long, and usually surprisingly impressive string of off-key insults

2. the guy at the movies who gets margarine instead of butter on his popcorn, or the wrong soda, throws it violently at the wall, throws a big "F**k You" at the manager, and storms out the door slamming it so hard the glass rattles, causing every person in the room to stand around awkwardly wondering what the hell just happened
1. To Hell with you, you Stupid Noobass Faggot! I am Sick of you, I'm out of here! //user has disconnected//

2. ragequitter: COKE!!! I WANTED PEPSI!!!!! Grow A Brain Dickhead! /throws down soda/ Fuck this place, I'm never coming here again! //storms out//
//awkward silence//
moviegoer 1: what the hell just happened?
moviegoer 2: I think he just Rage Quitted
by SaFire4223 July 11, 2011
pussy ass bich who rage quits.
sebassssssssssssssssss is such a ragequitter
by Ruby Loves Sebass June 07, 2016
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