Past tense of Rage Quit
I bet he's gonna Rage Quit after we walk all over their faces. Yep, sure enough, he rage quat like a n00b.
by Nigma594 September 25, 2010
past tense of ragequit
when someone quits a game, of any kind, because they are annoyed with :
-their performance
-their teams nub level
-the oppositions annoyingness
-other reasons causing rage
guy 1: dude im like 0 and 5
guy 2: dont quit
guy 1: fack this im leaving (leaves game)
guy 2: wow ... he ragequat

guy 1: wow my team sucks at this game
guy 2: we're not that bad
guy 1: yea you are im done (leaves game)
guy 2: haha he ragequat

guy 1: omg they're just camping so hard
guy 2: wow i know
guy 1: yea this is stupid (leaves game)
guy 2: he ragequat. i am too

guy 1: whered you get the pink 50s you cheating whore dont touch me grandpa, NANA is a cheating WHORE.

nana: haha. look grandpa, he ragequat.
by n1ghtmar3 August 09, 2010
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