one who wears a rag upon his/her head. Historically, being of Islamic decent.

Syn-- towelhead, Ay-Rabb.
1) We're going to bomb the shit out of the ragtops out east.

2) Look at the towel on that ragtop!
by fat fucking penis March 19, 2003
Top Definition
Convertible car.
I'm gonna drive my rag top with the roof down so I can feel the wind in my hair.
by shadowhawk March 10, 2004
Usually, a car with a folding fabric (canvas, vinyl, etc.) top, ie, slang for "convertible".

Also refers to a pre-1964 VW Beetle with a fabric sunroof, to distinguish it from the later metal sunroof models from 1964 on (also similar change on VW buses from 1967-68).
There's nothing like a ragtop with the top down for cruising around town on a warm evening.

Frank got one of those vintage-style aftermarket ragtops for his Beetle.
by JS Clark June 18, 2005
rag top is a aircooled beetle that has a canvas sunroof.
Im going to cruise in my rag top beetle to the show.
by October 06, 2008
An uncircumcised penis
The rugby team cheered whilst admiring James "Rag Top" in the showers after the match
by streaker30 June 01, 2009
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