1. a bag for storing odd rags
2. a confused assortment; jumble a ragbag of ideas
3. Informal a scruffy or slovenly person
4. an individual that frequents Texaco during the Christmas break
Ann Cheney: "Ohhhh look at those guuuuys...(lust)"
in unison> Hunter and Erika: "Umm look at those rag bags getting out of that stupid huge truck- wearing Ed Hardy...trying to be $ 30,000 millionares.
by RIKKI2715 February 09, 2011
Top Definition
Paper or wax coated bag, usually in a tin box in womens restrooms, meant for the disposal of sanitary napkins, ie. (plugs, diapers, pads, tampons,jam sandwich, cooter plug, vampires tea bag, dirty red banana, bloody boat)Bags themselves can also be refered to as a bag lunch,(would you like your peanutbutter and jam sandwich)or a fish bomb, A Mc fish to go.
That rag bag had a big Mc fish in it.

That box was filled with dirty smelly cooter plugs.

I dropped that bag of dirty red bananas on the floor.
by D & E Enterprises September 17, 2006
A low hanging whithered Scrotal sack, generaly found on elderly men.
When grandpa came out of the shower, I saw his ragbag hanging past his knees!
by Tillerp April 05, 2011
a shabbily dressed or generally scruffy person
Don't stand too close to me, you look like a right ragbag
by slagbags October 16, 2006
A bag for rags...................
I am putting these rags in this bag for rags called a ragbag.
by Carsyn September 21, 2004
rusty ,worn out , dangerous carnival rides. run by criminals and crooks.
that is a real <rag bag> outfit, in the park.
by r. cane October 18, 2005
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