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A tampon, something a woman uses during her period.
She threw her cooter plug in the garbage.
by C. Pendergast November 17, 2006
slang for tampon
recently made up by my friend jessica, she is a filthy minded little scene kid
"got any cooter plugs? im fresh out."
"hey, you dropped a cooter plug!"
by wkdwtchofthewest March 17, 2006
A common word used in reference to a specific type of feminine hygiene product, that is often flushed down the toilet, causing said toilet to clog. Also known as a tampon.
Father to Plumber-Guy: "Have you found what's clogged up the toilet again?"
Plumber Guy: "Not yet..."
Father: "Better not be them damn cooter plugs!"
by JoshCarSr March 28, 2006
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