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A demeaning term for foreigners in Saudi Arabia. Usually reserved for Asians. Although it literally means "Friend" in Arabic, it's meaning has taken different turn over the years.
'Ya Rafeek, your work permit will not be renewed. You will have to go back to Bangladesh.
#rafiq #rafeeq #rafik #rafeiq #rafiek
by Prince Nahiyan December 24, 2005
Pronunciation: RAH-feeks
Function: Verb

TO GET BUCK WILD. Sometimes referring to the phrase, get stupid, or go dumb. To fake the funk, trying to hard to meet everyone and not being yourself. Mainly used among the filipinos residing in Ontario, CA Not Ontario, Canada.

"Hey man, whats crackin tonight?"

"I don't know, but i wanna get rafeeks!"

"Dude lets get rafeeks tonight!"

"hahah Man Derek is extra rafeeeki tonight."

"shit everyone in here is getitn rafeeks."
#hyphy #buck #rafiks #retarded #stoops
by POKITS January 04, 2008
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