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a face only an ear can love. If you ever encounter someone afflicted with a "radioface", you will most definitely become nauseated.
My mother sent me to a plastic surgeon to correct my "radioface".
by Jeffreyaki May 06, 2003
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When you have a face only suitable for radio. Play on the saying "radio voice". In other words, when someone simply isn't pretty.
"Wow, you have a really good radio face!"
#radio voice #ugly #unsightly #ugh #beautiful
by this_chick January 25, 2010
A really fresh face. Someone with features that are not traditionally pretty, but people are drawn to them anyways.
She may not be a looker, but she's a radioface.

What a Radioface.
#pretty #attractive #bewitching #mysterious #odd #unique
by JohnAloop November 08, 2006
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