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"Radibonzical" is a combination of "radical" and "bonz".

Both words are adjectives which mean "excellent", "exceptional", or"awesome".

This combination is used in the context of skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, and other youth-culture acrobatic sports.

Used to describe a combination-move in which each component might independently be termed "radical" or "bonz".

These two moves performed simultaneously deserve the superlative form, "radibonzical".
Skater A: "Dude, here's the YouTube vid of Tony Hawk doing 720 from fakie. Watch, this is so radical, dude."

Skater B: "No, that's an Indy 720. Combines 720 and Indy together."

Skater A: "Whoa, RADIBONZICAL."
by Ursus Ursus June 03, 2009
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