To sleep while others are working.
Easy mode: racking up through a floor page.
Medium mode: racking up through Level II trauma.
Hard mode: racking up through Level I trauma.
Ultra mode: racking up through a massive casualty situation with pagers strapped to your forehead.
by highland hospital May 05, 2010
Top Definition
Preparation of cocaine for snorting by chopping into a fine powder and arranging into lines on a smooth surface ussually using a razor or credit card.
I just racked up a fat one on the toilet seat yeah... damn i fancy some more allready
by ad September 06, 2003
Using a card to crush, split and line up fine powders such as Cocaine, MDMA, Methadrone, etc.
Jafoolé was just racking up that charlie cause he luuurve tha powder.
by DJBillE June 30, 2011
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