Someone who drives a race car for a living.

Derived from the word:

race - noun. A competition of speed, as in running or riding.

and the suffix:

ist - One that performs a specified action
Hey NASCAR is on! Let's watch all the racists go around the track in their race cars!

Look at that guy in the race car... he is such a racist!
by Flubba bubba boo April 18, 2005
Ignorant, closed-minded people who know nothing about the real world and other ethnicities, races, cultures, or religions.
When I was in the South I saw some rednecks yelling at a black guy. What racists.
by starwarsgeek133 May 14, 2010
how black people feel about everything a white person does
yo nigga that cracker is racist
by biggest bitch in town February 13, 2008
To be prejudiced against someone or to form an opinion of another person due to their nationality. Most ignorant people of so called "minorities" think it originated from so-called white people, when they don't even think past that who you are calling white, actually come from many different continents, countries, and speak a multitude of different languages. So for any ignoramus that thinks "Oh white people are the cause of racisim" shut up, your opinion is dumb, kill yourself. Anyone of any color, nationality, size, or shape can be a racist or have had something racist said to them. Racisim is spread equally so don't bitch or moan cause "ohh im black, people call me the N word and my people were slaves", "Ohh I'm mexican it's harder for me", "Ohh I'm white, everyone is against me"."Oh I'm asian, everyone expects me to do all the work or know matrial arts".

Remember, anyone can be a racist.

Racism is a bad thing.
They called me a honkie/nigger/sand nigger/chink/beaner/greedy jew. Those racists.
by ZachBYAH!!!!! December 13, 2007
someone who discriminates unfairly against other races. white black,brown,hispanic, asian. Some one who doesn't know that you should judge people by the quality of their personality not their skin color
"let's put aside our differences and be friends"

"No way"


"simple...dude, listen you're a great guy who's supposed to be smart but you just don't get're different"

"please don't do this"

"sorry my brother's a racist and doesn't like you so I can't either...Keep away from me"
by XTITANX June 28, 2006
Pretty much another name for white people nowadays.
White guy: I'm a white man from Germany, and I would like to help America's poor indiscriminately. :)

Random non-white guy: Ah, so you're a racist and a Nazi.
by Vestros August 15, 2014
1. A name that the white people who happen to be racist call the ones who they discrimate against as an excuse.

2. A hidden trait of most white people who cowardly hide and only bring up in blogs or write in bathroom walls

3. An unfortunate trait of many "Americans" and their decadent society.

4. A reason behind many Immigration laws against Hispanic foreigners...although they are many illegal caucasian immigrants who are white (Europe, Canada, etc) who are taking the "good jobs" not the gardener, factory, diswasher, cleaning person or nanny that many illegal hispanics do.

5. Usually the white ignorant people from the USA who use the term "Mexican" for anyone who's from Hispanic origin

6. Janis, the one who has written in Urban Dictionary many definitions (poof, racist, etct )and who is clearly a bigot and a racist
Janis: Niggers use the word Nigga so they won't get in trouble

Black person: You called black people niggers? you are a racist!

Janis: OMG niggers are so racist against we white people

Janis: Mexicans are taking our jobs an getting our country in bankrupt using our heath service without paying taxes

John: Oh "American employers" who hired illegal immigrants don't deduct taxes on those who's fault is it?

Janis: OMG John what are you? a Mexican lover?
by Fire Kanji May 28, 2010
most of the people on this site are racists towards whites and incorrectly blame 'all' whites for what 'some' assholes (right or left) may have done

most of these racists are also very anti-Christian and blame Christians for
things which they shouldn't be blamed for

It's hard for some people to separate politics and their political hatred from skin color or religion.

not all whites are bad

Christianity has a good message that everyone needs to hear.

The friggin government rules over people and if you are poor (like me) there's no way you can affect change.
You have to work within the rules of the system and if BOTH sides and BOTH political parties have their nasty sides well that doesn't make you or your relgion bad because you have to choose between the two parties both of which have their problems.They are flawed and a citizen is stuck with them and not much else (if you are poor like me)

SO please don't bash Christianity.
Christianity like me is stuck in the middle of "politics"(politics = multi-sided,blood-sucking creatures)

the bigotry has to stop
-a poor white Christian dude without any representation since both parties aren't that great...
by don't be a tool August 18, 2004

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