1: any white man who does not agree with absolutely everything Obama says or does.
2: anyone who does not constantly kiss Jessie Jackson's backside.
Obama's tie does not match his tie very well. Racist: You racist cracker Asshole!!! how dare you criticize the first black president!
by Eldrich Thurge August 05, 2011
Top Definition
A white person who strongly dislikes people who are of a dark skin color, and is a complete jerk to everyone.
"That (white) guy over there calling every black person a no good nigger and beating his wife is such a racist cracker asshole.
by johnny quest the third December 13, 2008
A Racist derogatory comment used most commonly towards a white racist
yo did you hear that racist cracker asshole he just dropped the n bomb
by richhid May 25, 2008

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