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to fuck and have sex alot
"Hey lysieee! i love rabbiting!!! lets rabbit!!!"
by MitchellTBSA May 13, 2009
its a way to say fuck or sex with out having other people knowing
Me and Laura Rabbted last night
by Cory January 10, 2005
when someone fucks so fast it resembles a rabbit going at it.
look at those two there rabbiting
by Stan February 15, 2005
makeing out constantly
"every time i turn around you two are flipping rabbiting! get a room!"
by julietcapulet87 May 03, 2005
To have an uncharacteristically-large volume of sexual intercourse (especially with a partner) in a relatively short timespan.

Associated with "breeding like rabbits".
"My housemate was totally rabbiting yesterday, didn't leave his room for hours!"
by amnesia64 August 26, 2014