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gay word used by a certain Z*b*r P*a*t*l to announce his hardening cock when he catches sight of either a man or himself in the mirror.
Raat. my name is Z*b*r P*a*t*l, and i've just seen myself in a mirror and/or an other man and now my cock is like a rod of iron. Raat.
by louseboy October 11, 2004
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A word used by Doyce, especially in his favourite phrase:
"'Raatt' then, it's a level thrye"
by Bob Gurch August 26, 2004
Exclamation, when something bad happens.

To describe someone who is being a dirtbag.
"That was well Raat"

"He's being a raat"
by Hezeus October 11, 2004

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