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r8pe is a word that derives from the word rape, it means to get completely owned by your online adversary. This usually results in t-bagging in a superior degree, n00bs are the victim of many r8pes. Different types of r8pes include

1. the no-scope- to get a head shot without zooming
2. the falcon pawnch- to get punched( or stabbed) in the face
3. the one chance grenade- to throw a grenade randomly around the map to hit a n00b going for a power weapon
4. the untouched- to kill a opponent without receiving damage back
i threw a plasma on halo reach to the banshee in pinnacle and stuck him, so he got r8ped
by who are you computer? October 24, 2010
To get a very good kill against your opponenet is to "r8pe" them.

Mostly found appearing on Halo Online or Call Of Duty 2
OMGF!1! I T3h r8pe j00!!1 n00B
by Zeus (God) May 31, 2007
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