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Proud to hold the RB30e, the R31 skyline has been known to be one of the most well-liked skylines. Holden has taken this great car and trashed it by putting the nissan parts into the VL.
WTF is that sweet car...... ohh its the R31 skyline....niiiiice
by Browny September 06, 2003
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Vehicle manufactured by Nissan in the late 80's.
Available in wagon, coupe, and sedan variations.
1) That R31 Skyline is phat!
2) My R31 Skyline puts VL's to shame
by SKY031 September 05, 2003
One of the best cars in the world!
It may look boxy but its my cup of tea.
by StrappingYoungLad September 04, 2003
A mid eighties car that never had it's potential fully realised.
That R31 Skyline is fully sick.
by Pachochu September 06, 2003
A japanese vehical, manufactured in the late 80's. Has the looks of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the potential of Gohan.
"I have never seen an R31 Skyline up close :/" Quote, All Commadore owners.
by Kyo September 12, 2003
my r31 is fully hectic i swear. I pump up the bass and i get all the chicks
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
R31 is a late eighties car, like a commonwhore(commodore) VL... but not gay.
that r31 skyline is soo boxxy.
by Dezbin January 27, 2003

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