A slang word for a person of unknown sexual orientation.

Or a good word to call someone who annoys you to confuse them - cos they won't know what it means.
"My flatmate is a right qwim"


"You might be cleverer than me, richer, funnier and better looking but at least i am not a qwim"
by My name January 04, 2004
Top Definition
a womens vagina/pussy/cunt.
another word to tell people to stop bieng a knob
someone e.g. a friend is moaning you tell them 'shut up you 'qwim'
by daniuk06 October 24, 2006
White, sticky substance seen sticking to both lips of the vagina as a dirty, nasty female spreads her legs.
Damn, you need to go wash, that nasty-ass qwim out of your smelly pussy!
by Ray Cope August 05, 2006

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