very hot girl
quyen is hot
by ur mom December 12, 2003
Top Definition
is a person whose always by your side and you can trust. She is also caring, kind, and lovable. She'd always make you feel better when ever you're sad with her cheering up skills. She's fun to talk to and to hang around with. You'll never be bored with her around.
I love talking with quyen
quyen just made me feel better
i can always trust quyen
by mim1 February 12, 2010
the koolest person there is
I wish I was Quyen.
by Quyen December 29, 2003
a really sweet and lovely girl who is easy to talk to and be friend with
Everyone loves to be with Quyen
by DoF December 28, 2008
1. A ridiculously sexy girl who is also beastin'. She is the girl that can kick your ass in any sport, cook a damn good meal, bring home straight A's, and still stay down to earth. She is the girl you know you can depend on. Also very humble. She doesn't take bullshit from anybody and tells it like it is. Usually blessed with very nice physical assets.

2. A beast. In the best way possible.
Girl 1: Bitch, you're such a Quyen.
Girl 2: Haha not even! I wish.

Guy 1: Hey, did I tell you about my new girlfriend?
Guy 2: No, what's her name?
Guy 1: Quyen.
Guy 2: FUCK you lucky bastard!
by xpeach April 13, 2011
An adjective used to describe a person with an excessively huge forehead and foreign accent.
Damn, have you met that quyen girl? She's crazy!
by MrAhSum January 07, 2008
a stupid hoe that like it in a cornhole
i am a quyen
by Anonymous August 20, 2003

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