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-one who claims to be an intellect, but is really full of shit.

-one who claims to be logical simply by throwing the word logic repetitively in a conversation.

-one who thinks a theory is an opinion.

-one who misrepresent the facts in the form of their own opinion.

-one who cuts you off in the middle of a conversation and assert their own opinion, which has nothing to do with the original conversation.

-one who thinks a monologue is a conversation.

-one who mispronounces certain words over and over again even though they have been corrected many times.

-one who believes to be cultural is to mimic others.

-one who has no culture.

-one who has no standards.

-a non sequitor (a quood wouldn't necessarily know what this means).
A quood rhymes with the word hood.

See examples above.
by Exposing the Quood April 16, 2010

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