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to sit in on a college class in which you're not enrolled simply for the joy of learning and the prospect of enlightenment.

"Quiveying" a class is similar to auditing, but without paperwork and much more fun. Attendance is sporadic and usually arranged by invitation from the professor, unless one of your friends sneaks you in.

The term originated in the mid-2000s at California's Butte Community College. It is actually the surname of a couple of Butte's more eccentric students. They would frequently drop by Honors English lecture to hear their favorite professor read Chaucer in the original. Since they were eccentric, the "name" stuck.
"Wait, are you actually enrolled in Existential Literature?"
"No, I'm just quiveying it."

"What time is Linguistic Anthropology? I want to quivey it."
by Zebebeth July 12, 2009
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