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A hormone excreted in the female body that causes a women to want to quit something. The gland is found in the woman's vagina. It is the opposite of adrenaline and is something a guy does not experience due lack of proper biological equipment (i.e. men have balls). It is often used as a reason why women want to quit something before it ends or gets difficult. It is also often used as a reason why women get bored with or fall asleep during sex. It is purely coincidental that it sounds like "quit on me".
Her: "The Bears are winning by 30 points. Why don't the Saints just quit? There's only four minutes left, so it's pretty pointless to keep going."
Him: "That's because the Saints don't have quitamine, unlike you who's ready to just throw in the towel when the going gets tough."

Her: *Yawn*
Him: "Don't quit on me yet! I'm just getting warmed up! Damn you quitamine! Damn you to hell!"
by improviduto January 21, 2007
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