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Film genre combining quirky and comedy. Slightly derogatory. A sub-par film that is intended to be quirky and funny, a la Wes Anderson, John Waters, or Tim Burton, but falls short of its goal. Too cute by half, perhaps. Not to be confused with a dark comedy, which by comparison is fully-realized.

Coined by Adam Carolla, on his daily podcast, May 30, 2012
Mars Attacks
Garden State
The Darjeeling Limited

Counter-example: Heathers is not a quirkedy, because it reaches its intended goal of being weird and funny.

Counter-example 2: Most of Tim Burton's lesser works.
by Bldiigrn July 15, 2012
Quirk-e-dy (Kwurk-i-dee) Noun. a film that employs kitsch and quirkiness to compensate for the abscence or extreme lack of humor and story.
(on John Waters) "He does movies that arent really funny, but theyre not comedies, theyre quirkedies" - Adam Carolla

"When you see a comedian drag a steamer trunk on stage...its time for the quirkedy" - Adam Carolla
by Acefan May 31, 2012
A movie that hides behind being quirky instead of actually committing to being a comedy and focusing on the jokes.
Napoleon Dynamite isn't a comedy, it's a quirkedy.
by aceman1911 June 04, 2012
A comedic movie which overwhelmingly depends on its "quirky" characters for humor. While occasionally successful, quirkedies often fail due to their painfully self-aware sense of irony. Term coined by Adam Carolla.
"'The Royal Tanenbaums' is a rare example of a good quirkedy."
by ob5idian May 31, 2012
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