Quintin, a name for a male who is fun, but covers up his pain with laughter, confused about love, lost in life, just looking for a way to love his life, dosn't need approval from anyone, dosn't need a religion for a motivation in life.
by somewonels August 08, 2009
Top Definition
The words comes from 100 b.c. when a beautiful princess was heard screaming 'Quintin,Quintin' during intercourse.Ever since the word has been bestowed on men who are the ultimate sex machines.
'Oh Quintin....oh Quintin...OH yeaaah!'
by Professor McGreggor April 16, 2005
a male with an extreme level of intelligence and sex appeal. Quintin's are typically loved by many people due to their caring nature. Quintin's are great listeners and love to help in any way possible. They usually go on to be very successful and well endowed music producers.
Did you just see Quintin? I love that guy he's such an amazingly nice,caring,sexy and well endowed music producer. I can't wait to shake his hand and tell him i love him!
by hqtheotaku March 26, 2013
Quintin is a name for a male who is bright, charming, and artistic. Suckers for a pretty smile but see women as disposable commodities. Do not fall in love with a Quintin. Selfless in all areas excluding matters of the heart. Excellent lovers, excellent friends but their wondering eyes and sexual impulses make it nearly impossible for them to experience true love.

I love him but he's such a Quintin. It would never work out.
I love the guy but he's such a Quintin. It would never work
by TryMe83 February 16, 2010
A very dramatic , artsy type. Usually loves showtunes and girlysongs. Very bright, and easily bored
OMG..Is he a Quintin, or what?
by Cybiliability February 04, 2010
A tolken black kid who is like an oreo. He wears roca-wear and B-ballin' shorts, black skin, but deep down inside is pure white. Listens to rap music to fit in with his own "kind". More or less an Uncle Tom.
Oh snap, is dat my dawg Quintin G. Hunter??? That nigga's white homes.
by Percy Miller March 16, 2005
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