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A British Army term, slang for using one bullet of a sniper rifle to kill two men.

The term comes from the 1990 film Quigley Down Under in which the hero, played by Tom Selleck, uses an old Sharps rifle to devastating effect.
While Rifleman Osmand was stationed in the sandbox, he did a Quigley on two escaping Taliban riding a motorcycle.
by dbrown7 March 14, 2011
1983 183
The most badass last name ever
why is Quigley so damn awesome?
by quiggs321 November 04, 2009
2079 411
a person who is hip, fresh, and always with the best piece of ass on the block.
that guy must be a quigley...........
by Kip Roughrider February 27, 2008
2074 446
A man or woman that is so gross that they bathe in mayo.
Quigley is disgusting and should not be allowed in anyone's house.
by Mike5421 November 14, 2013
1 17
To have one's hair mangled to such an extent that it resembles a cleveland steamer on a bald man
see that guy over there...he has such a Quigley!
by Keif Urban June 14, 2010
69 2019