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A gay black person; Or can be used to call someone who you just don't like because they are a douche.
Look at that quigger over there
by Eli H. December 05, 2008
5 6
A queer wigger
justin Timberlake
by Shaniquo January 05, 2004
75 45
A Queer Black man
gay black guy
Wow, look at those two african guys, their quiggers.
by hahaifnhateu June 14, 2009
16 7
being of a quarter black race
your grandfather is black and grandmother is white. your father is half black and mother is white. you are quarter black and 3/4 white. you are a quigger.
by Hope Cassettari-Dolan May 10, 2008
23 20
An annoying person, usually lacking of talant or humour, at the very worst, both, at the very best kind of cute only because of the naivety.
woman 1: How was your date?
Woman 2: Dont ask, I dont want to talk about it, he was totally quiggers...

Man 1: How do you put up with her, she is so stoopid
Man 2 : Yeah, but she is quiggers, you know...
by Sambadisco November 12, 2006
9 12
1. A queer nigger 2. A homosexual African American
That nigga came outta da closet, ya heard? Fuck that quigger's life.
by Gary For Jesus December 07, 2005
12 15
a quigger is a queer nigger
will smiff is an example of a quigger
by quig juice December 10, 2004
11 14