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Another word for a fag. A slang world commonly used in British slang.
James: Hey man, what took you so long?
Mike: I couldn't get a ride home, some 9bob wanted to give me a lift but i didn't trust him.
James: No shit?
Mike: Thats not what he wanted.
by Knotsea September 04, 2006
Where one freezes an alcoholic beverage to his or her nipples/tits for it to be sucked/licked off.
Bartender: "What'll it be?"
You: "I'll have a dripple on the rocks."
by Knotsea September 15, 2006
Another word for the Air Force.
Mike: "You're going to get beat with bars of soap for that kind of thing"
Eric: "No he wont, he'll be beaten with feathered pillows"
Eric: "It's the Air Force, they're pussies."
James: "Lmao, nightly pillow fights and ass tickling"
James: "Ass Force!"
by Knotsea September 15, 2006
Somebody who is all or part Jewish, yet at the same time they think they are black.
Mike: Sup wit'chu nigga?
James: You're Jewish.
Mike: Yo, chill out home slice!
James: Jewger!
by Knotsea September 07, 2006
He or she who is less than 1/2 African American. 1/4 Black becomes quigger (quarter-nigger).
Nick: I have black blood in me.
James: You do?
Nick: I told Eric i'm about a quarter black but it's probably a bit less.
James: You quigger!
by Knotsea September 04, 2006
An NFL team belonging to fat, drunken, cut throat, overly obnoxious and highly jealous fans who pride themselves on the false assumption they're better than the Chicago Bears and their fans. The Chicago Bears lead the all time series between the Packers/Bears 90-79 (The Bears have never trailed to the Packers). The Chicago Bears lead the NFL in all time wins as well - most people will say it's due to their length of time in the NFL, however most are ignorant of the fact that there are several teams who've been around just as long, yet fail to accomplish the same goal (The Green Bay assholes for one).
Notable mention is the 60 year starting QB for the Green Bay Packers Brett Favre, better known by his nickname as John Elway's bitch. His long standing definition is the ultimate drug addicted Barry Bonds of the NFL who would sooner drag his team down in pursuit of his own stats than let them have a chance to win. Fans are under the false assumption that he plays for them and will continue to believe he will not drop them like a bad habit once he finishes his conquest of records (which quarterback Peyton Manning will bust open in half the time).
George Halas OWNS Lombardi.
John Elway OWNS Brett Favre.
by Knotsea December 07, 2007

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