Top Definition
One who likes to smell other people's farts.
Jon was such a quift, he would take the elevator to the top floor, just so he could keep smelling Mike's lingering fart.
by Dayman107 August 20, 2013
ADJ/ "Kwifft"
An excited version, of Quick and Swift...... when ones mouth can work faster than ones brain.
"She was in such a panic when she came in" she said "Quift! the zombies are coming".....
by Frankenstarr June 24, 2011
To be quickly swift
Be quift on your journey!
by NunOfTheAbove August 21, 2009
A combination of the words quick and swift.
We gotta be in and out, let's do the quift.
by boredaslemonade March 14, 2009

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