to be homosexual and weird at the same time. it was made when anam combined weird and queer one day to describe ngoc.
man ngoc, you're one quierd person!
by anamizzle October 28, 2004
Top Definition
Something so odd and out of place that, instead of being queer or wierd alone, it them put together, making a state of supreme confusion
Guy "You like spoons?"
Girl "Gosh, your a quierd one."
by Philip George March 29, 2006
Someone who acts weird and queer at the same time or just in their persoanilty.
That girl Gabby is so quierd!
by hairytauren96 July 09, 2010
When something is wierd and queer at the same time
When you see a naked man standng on a street corner on Castro, wearing only sneekers and a wig but not a soul looks twice that is quierd.
by Rondahari August 06, 2012
queer and weird
Mark: "hey guys looking good want to join my runescape clan
Murphy:"dude thats totally quierd"
by Martin Luther King 5000 July 15, 2009
Weird plus queer. Person who acts like a jerk, or an asshole because he is trying to cover up his queerness and weirdness. Looking like a total moron or, 'Quierd'
Girl 1: Haha look at Joe, he is trying to look cool.
Girl 2: yeah, and he is failing at it. he looks constipated instead.
Girl 1: he is just so quierd
by otropedo October 18, 2010
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