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air coming out of a pussy
Hey Eisza, let me see you quief!
by Keith D. October 03, 2006
14 16
Sometimes happens, due to pressure changes in the vagina particularly during the orgasm. //Expulsion of air after or during sexual intercourse.
by Peterson April 18, 2003
751 214
A pussy fart
Bitch did u just fart?
No wen im fucking sometimes my pussy farts
by tom May 30, 2003
695 291
The involuntary release of compressed air from the vagina resultiong from penile piston like pumping of intercourse. A.K.A. Pussy fart.
I pounded her pussy so hard she will quief for a week.
by Quiefmaster Keith June 23, 2003
476 221
the expulsion of air forced into the vagina during intercourse.
After a rousing session of doggie style sex, Jim pulled his penis from Jill's vagina only to be greeted buy a very loud quief.
by jupton April 16, 2003
192 105
A pussy fart.
I fucked my girlfriend, then she quifed.
by anonymous October 05, 2003
169 97
A discharged of built up air through the vaginal cavity. Creating a farting like sound.
while having sex john was taken off gard when a quief excapt kelly's vag
by Mark McCain August 18, 2003
213 156
It sounds like a fart but it really isnt. It is Not Gas. It is just air that stays in your vagina when you have sex. When you are having sex depending on the positions like Doggy. and especially how hard you are getting when the guy pulls out the air releases. just air pressure. It's kinda Good For Guys. That means you are screwing her real hard.. So Feel PROud. It's like a thumbs up.And Trust me Guys Girls can tell the difference if it came out of her pussy or her ass... You'll Know
He Fucked me SO hard I quiefed the minute he pulled out.
by SExADdictAnonymous April 05, 2007
83 43