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A sarcastic remark to an obvious statement, usually associated with mathematical applications.
Brandon: We have seven people in our group.

Cody: Oh yes, Brandon with the quick math.
by aballinwhitey December 21, 2010
Mathematics done with a focus on speed of calculation rather than accuracy. This change in priority often results in wild approximations and unvalidated assumptions, leading to low quality answers. Often used in rough-work to check previously calculated answers, or in physics-related pub arguments.

See also, napkinmath.
Red: Quick! How much worse would it be for Venus to crash into the Earth than Mars?

*pause for quickmath*

Blue: Well, Venus has twice the radius, and it's a volume, so... 8. It would be 8 times as bad.
Red: Wow. Science is awesome.
by Snorfalorpagus May 27, 2009