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the act of doing something quicker than is already being done.
"Hey, Babe! I am hurrying home!" reply: "Well get here quicklier!"

"Clean your room!" "I am!" "Well do it quicklier!"
by Joshua Miller February 05, 2007
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having to do something faster than quickly
Come on!!! We have to move quicklier!!!!
by Arnie Annunziata Dana Wigdor October 10, 2008
When you want to be faster than quickly.
Bill Cower will revamp this team quicklier than normal.
by Whiteguy23 October 04, 2011
To do something faster than quick or colloquial jargon used to prompt someone that is working quickly to do it even faster.
I commend you for doing your task quickly but we need you to do it quicklier.
by bull5150 July 29, 2009

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