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5 times. As in: Once, twice, thrice... etc.
Person A: Yo, you been to that new club downtown?
Person B: Naw man, not really... Well kinda. I've been there quice.
by Philly L. August 15, 2007
refers to the action of trying to do something without thinking ahead or trying to get people to do something without knowing what you’re going to do.
Julia tried to get her friends to go out with her, but when asked where they were going Julia said she didn't know. Robert told her, "Don't be so quice."
by wiccanthropy March 05, 2013
Delicious-ass egg eats that haters don't know how to spell. It's usually a pastry crust pie with all kinds of deliciousness and flakeyness that makes your mouth go nuts.
"Just realized and got excited that christmas means eating amazing quice made by evans mommy!"
by Rudesouth December 16, 2011
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