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An underwater queef.
While Will was fucking Christine in the bathtub she querped and they both laughed.
by DubsB August 04, 2006
Noun: 1. When a man is performing cunnilingus on a woman and burps into her vaginal cavity, the resultant expulsion of air is known as a querp rather than a queef.

2. A combination of a queef and a burp
Melinda querped loudly and whettly upon her husband Gregg's face; this elicited a feverishly joyish response and a moan of pleasure.
by Deass October 22, 2014
A bitch burp.
Dude, did you just querp? You burp like a girl.
by jayjay12 March 28, 2013
1:A querp is a word you use to make fun of a little kid (age rounds to 5-10 and sometimes teen years if you are a real asshole. Combining the words twerp (kid) ,and queer (in slang meaning gay). Which comes out to gay little kid.
Wow, Timmy you are such a querp.
by Beta4 July 11, 2009
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