Top Definition
A gentlemanly way of saying cunt!
Example Usage: "I kindly ask you to refrain from using my wife's ass in that impertinent manner, you quent!".
by stumow October 21, 2004
quent... queer + cunt crossed together
or a nice way of calling somebody a cunt (i find ait a pretty funny way too)
Oi you quent...

Dont fuck my sister like that you quenting quent.
by qazzaq September 17, 2006
It means alright, Cool, grand.
Can be used in the context of "Yes that is a nice sizeable piece of cannibas. Of course i will buy from you my good man." or just "Quent"
by The Lads. October 20, 2004
to to be in a style of a very animal like or crazy manner
He's just quenting to get attention!
by Ben Baham March 08, 2004
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