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A really, REALLY funny board game. Winner of Board Game of the Year 2005. Check it out - just google "Quelf".
I played Quelf this weekend and it was hilarious.
by Sandy22 September 24, 2006
A highly anticipated board game that crosses the very definition of sanity. Most often used when under the influence of LSD, heroine, ecstasy, cocaine or a combination of the four.

The game, created by Imagination Games (a multi platform game company), leads you to perform a series of unordinary tasks that one would never consider doing in any sober state. It is not uncommon for players to quit the game after the first few rounds due to confusion, embarrassment, or drug overdose. A recent study at University of Maryland suggests that students tend to score worse on the SAT’s and other standardized tests after playing this game. Although nothing has yet to be proven, rumors have been circulating that Quelf is one of the underlying factors responsible for the poverty in South Africa, the current economic decline, and the H1N1 virus.
Hey man, I just picked up this new board game at Target called Quelf, do you want to play?

I would, but I'm getting drug tested at my current job. Next time I shoot up I'll let you know and we can play.
by l00katme August 12, 2010
A very small man who used to work for Santa clause who now struggles with a same sex attraction
Don't allow your kids to be around the quelf down the street!

After Christmas was over the quelf went to Burger King and ordered a proud whopper.
by Pootielicious July 06, 2014
1.) the past tense of a quief (vaginal flatulence)

2.) the evolve form of the quief
1.) eww the last girl in the dressing room totally quelfed I can smell that stank pussy from register.

2.) "quief I choose you" yells ash..... (Many random battles with wild Pokemon later) "look quief is evolving into a quelf!" Misty observes
by Aaron Rai March 11, 2014
A quelf is a penile expulsion of gas; the male counterpart of the quelf, occurring in rare circumstances such as following development of a fistula.
Dr. Bob's first hint that Dick might have a problem was his complaints of quelfing.
by Tomatobiy November 26, 2011
When you touch your own "private parts" then without cleaning, explaining or warning, touch someone else, preferably on their face.
I was so mad at my sister, Julie, I have been quelfing her for weeks!

Dang, my boss pissed me off so I quelfed him right before he ate his lunch. Sucka!
by Boo James November 11, 2009
Adjective; Noun; Verb;

1) Synonymous term for substantial homoeroticism, circumventing more common terms such, as queer, gay, homo, etc.

2) Emasculating "Elfs" by fusing the term with the word "Queer"

3) Ranking philologically between butt-pirate and fairy.

Wow, those pink christmas decorations are completely quelf.


P1: Did you see Charles staring and Rodney's ass?
P2: Yeah....he always brushes up against me...
P1: If I wouldn't know any better I'd say he's an ass-pirate
P2: I hear ya, he's more of a quelf.


P1: Quit quelfing in the luchroom homes!
P2: Sorry, the way you stroke that coke machine gets me all hot and bothered...
by Denise Sirkot November 25, 2010

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