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A gay hero; a gay role model
Superman and Jesus are my heroes, Tim Gunn and Carson Cressly are my Queeros.
by Ian Franklin February 26, 2008
To be so queer it makes other people want to become queer.
"That guy is so queero, it's amazing!"
by Bruce Blackford January 11, 2006
A 'Queeros' is by definition some one who is generally uncool, weird or socially unaccepted.
Joel is such a queeros.
by mysteryqueeros October 29, 2012
Queero is an actual puerto rican named Hero, but he likes men and swallowing their babies, so it becomes Queero
"Yo Queero, where were you this weekend?"

"Oh, I went to Club Super..I mean..Fuck."

"Shit You're such a Queero Son!"
by hero hater 11 August 28, 2008