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A gay hero; a gay role model
Superman and Jesus are my heroes, Tim Gunn and Carson Cressly are my Queeros.
by Ian Franklin February 26, 2008
14 3
To be so queer it makes other people want to become queer.
"That guy is so queero, it's amazing!"
by Bruce Blackford January 11, 2006
34 16
A 'Queeros' is by definition some one who is generally uncool, weird or socially unaccepted.
Joel is such a queeros.
by mysteryqueeros October 29, 2012
1 0
Queero is an actual puerto rican named Hero, but he likes men and swallowing their babies, so it becomes Queero
"Yo Queero, where were you this weekend?"

"Oh, I went to Club Super..I mean..Fuck."

"Shit You're such a Queero Son!"
by hero hater 11 August 28, 2008
3 8