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A term for any non-alcoholic beer that people buy at a bar, club or restaurant, or any other public place. Not applicable if the person is doing it in the privacy of their own home, which voids the embarrassment. Synonyms: Near Beer
Bartender: "What'll ya have?"
Guy 1: "I'll take an O'Doul's."
Guy 2: "What are you doing? That's a queer beer!"
#queer beer #near #alcohol #non-alcoholic #dry
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. September 20, 2010
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Any alcoholic beverage that is meant to be consumed without tasting the alcohol. These include "Smirnoff ice" and "zima" as well as various whine coolers and numerous drinks mixed with "red bull". When heterosexual men drink these beverages in public, they are subject to ridicule, and in alpha-male situations, will have there status downgraded immediately. Females typically consume these beverages therefor it is demasculating for men to do so. Not to be confused with "clearbeer"
Jack: "That guys lookin at me funny, I'm going to whoop his ass!"

Fred: "Chill dude, he's drinking a queerbeer, he's just gay. You better go apologize."

Jack: "Oh, yea, you're right."
#beer #queer #queerbeer #clearbeer #queer beer
by Elwood money blues April 29, 2009
when your male friend has had to much to drink
and he puts his arm around you and says i love you man
Gene says lets go home
Shane says I love you man
Gene says your queer beer
#quear #fagbeer #homobeer #gaybeer #your not a man beer #your wife is right your gay
by kool-aides June 27, 2009
a beverage that mostly women prefer but is not bad for me to enjoy
eg. woodys ice, smirnof ice
Pass the queer beer i'm thirsty
by joe April 22, 2003
1. bad beer with low alcohol content.

2. any strange person.

3. a male homosexual(usually derogatory, resented by the homosexual community, an elaboration of queer)
The customers, who were tired of being served queer beer, eventually stopped coming to the tavern for their alcoholic beverages.
by Light Joker June 01, 2004
it cums in the bottle
but you can get it in the can
by die you fuckin faggots February 15, 2005
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