Best reality show out there.

The Fab Five take on the project of making over a straight man who has no idea what to do with himself. Usually put on this how by a girlfriend or wife who wants to see their spouse made over.
carson kressley is hot!
by kelli December 25, 2004
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A concept invented by Beatles manager Brian Epstein in the early 1960s. A gay guy tells straight guys how to dress and cut their hair, and somehow the straight guys end up knee deep in pussy.
John: hey George, toss me over another bird, hey?

George: take two, mate. I've got extra, what?
by Sprocket The Dog April 21, 2004
Reality TV program in which five men, expert in such fields as fashion, cooking, decorating and suchlike, take on the task of improving the lifestyle and living conditions of another man; All five are homosexual and with one exception rather camp, and the makeover subject is always straight.

Although entertaining, educational and sometimes amusing, it carries the unspoken message that straight men are in the main uncouth, untidy and useless at choosing clothes and cooking.
A:"you know, I never realised that I shave like I'm in a race or something"
B:"What? Like the guys on 'Queer Eye For the Straight Guy' say it all the time."
B:"Probably true, though."
by D F Stuckey July 10, 2004
Hilarious show where five gay guys help to turn around the life of a straight guy.
Unfortunatlwy this show also reinforces stereotypes. (IE:Gay men are all camp and stylish,straight men are all incompetent and dirty)
Still, it's near damn hysterical sometimes.
Even if you do feel guilty afterwards for being a tad homophobic.
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
One of the queer guys: So do you like blondes?
The Straight Guy: Yeah.
One of the queer guys: how about with penises?
by bandanasarerad December 15, 2006
it takes a queer to make a queer
queer eye for the straight guy has under the belt practice identifying the vulnerable targets.

Little boys don't molest themselves into being queer

praise UD reruns
by UD reruns June 25, 2013
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