someone who acts gay/stupid. (queer+weiner=queener) (queen for short)
quit being such a queener and stop spooning with me!
by Brinley May 08, 2007
Top Definition
A queener is a resident of New York who was conceived in the borough of Queens. These are most often depraved gay males with very small phallic appendages.
Ramon, gay stalker and queener.
by Jacques Asse February 05, 2009
When a queef occurs during sex. (Queef + on the wiener = queener)
Oh my god last night my girlfriend queenered, it was so disgusting!
by christhegreat June 01, 2009
a person who tries to impress girls by heel clicking in the air, and wears the same shirt all the time, and his only friends are ugly girls who say he's cute. walks on his tippy toes
That dude doing the heel clicking over the bush is a friggin queener.
by fresh shapoopy May 19, 2007
An effeminate human male so enthralled by his female companion that he embraces feminine activities with disturbing conviction and enthusiasm. As a queener begins engaging in activities such as cookware shopping, horseback riding, or semi-spontaneous trips to Paris/Rome his testosterone evaporates abruptly, leaving him even too defeated to have hopes of ever reviving his manliness.

Term is derived from a man who "queens" his woman by groveling and bowing to her every demand and need, no matter how much it displeases him or may cause him physical pain.
-Dave's not hanging with us tonight because he's throwing a Tupperware party with his wife tonight.

-Wow, Dave's turned into quite the "queener" ever since their first date at that Sting concert.
by S Lopez November 22, 2007
someone who acts stupid
You're a stupid queener.
by olganhelga December 05, 2004
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