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The essense of a extremely sexual active woman who keeps the facade of being prim and proper when in fact they can suck start a truck.
Two women sitting at a diner having lunch:

Tina: How are you and Richard getting along?

Susan: We are still just doing the dinner thing

Tina: Really? What do you do for fun?

Susan: I suck Tim's off untill he cries..

You cant hold a true Quasi-Ho Down
by The Cmen December 31, 2004
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one that refers to sexual terms and always tries to seduce, when really they just wannabe whores
I think that girl is quasi ho because she always trying to be something she's not.
by SpeciallyMe! April 23, 2004
n. A woman who sleeps around, but doesn't receive payment for her services. As implied by the slang, she's "almost a ho".

Note: Synonym for semi-ho; Not to be confused with semi-pro
A: Look at Jenny walking down the street. That girl is hott! What's she doing with that random akimow lookin guy on the street?
B: They're gonna get dirty.
A: Is she a hoe?
B: Nah... just another quasi-ho.
by ^fifteen minutes^ January 27, 2005

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