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A way to call both target and the target's parents stupid, these poor creatures are what results when their halfwit parents multiplied.

They typically cannot understand what the term "quarterwit" means, since they don't understand how fractions are multiplied.

Watching their interactions quickly gives them away due to their severe lack of intelligence and a stunted ability to communicate with text.
quarterwit: war iz dis plays?
you: Look on the map.
qw: wut map oic how do i get ther
you: Wow. You really are a quarterwit.
by Kal Ebretto March 05, 2009
6 Words related to quarterwit
Less than a half-wit. Would require two to make a half-wit, an idiot.
He's a total fool - a complete quarter-wit.
by Owain70 February 29, 2008
Someone who has to try twice as hard to be a halfwit.
Michael Moore or possibly Al Franken
by Eric March 07, 2005

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