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A quarter blunt is a marijuana "blunt" which ingedients are a quarter ounce of herb and a honey dutch or dutch masters cigar. To make such a blunt, you empty the tobacco out of the cigar, do not cut it open like a normal blunt would be made. Then, break up the mary jane and fill the emptied dutchie until you get all of it in. The difference between a quarter blunt and a normalis simple, with a normal blunt, you only use about a 10th of an ounce of weed, it's a lot smaller, and is rolled, with a quarter blunt it involves no rolling and is a lot fatter.
Stoner 1: dude i just got my paycheck and bought a quarter, lets buy a dutchie and roll a fatass quarter blunt.
Stoner 2: earl's yeah dude, lets get fucking blitzed.

Stoner's girlfriend: Have you been smoking marijuana?
Stoner 1: Yeah, I smoked a fat quarter blunt with Stoner 2, I am fucked.
by POTSMOKER1337 August 17, 2006

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