1. noun: A blow job in which the giver is standing up, that is, the act does not require kneeling or laying down because the recepient is much larger in height.

2. verb: to give a blow job to a notably larger recepient.
1. Azrael finally received the quark from Smurfette that he'd been asking for.

2. If Bilbo were gay he would quark an elf.

When the cave troll demanded that Eowyn quark him, she cut off his trollhood.
by Mouse Madness July 08, 2013
1. A basic building block of matter, thought to be impossible to break down into anything else. Quarks come in several varieties; protons and neutrons are each made up of three quarks in specific combinations.

2. The character on Star Trek Deep Space Nine who ran the bar.
1. It is now thought that neutrons themselves are composed of particles known as quarks, and this raises the possibility that in the centre of a neutron star these quarks may roam freely in a fluid form known as a 'quark soup'.

2. Quark was always getting into trouble with Odo, the cheif of security on Deep Space Nine.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
According to string theory, the smallest bit of matter above strings, tiny vibrating strings that make up the universe.
The four kinds of quarks are top, bottom, charm, and strange.
by Scienfabuloso January 16, 2009
In chemistry, a quark is a simple particle which combines with other quarks to make hadrons. It can be used to describe a very simple (dumb) person. Quarks naturally group together. Chances are, if you find one quark, there's plenty more near you.
Tyler- "Kelsey, why can't you pronounce cinnamon right? You're such a quark!"

Kelsey- "Do you know why you're failing chemistry? You don't do shit in class! You're a quark!"

by -Trollkriger- October 07, 2009
To give a blow job.
Yo, Kulveer, I heard you quark.
by absence of hope April 23, 2009
A multi-purpose tool under GPL for the games using engines similar to or based on the Quake series game engine by id Software.
QuArK is an abbreviation for Quake Army Knife.
by someone cool February 23, 2005
Quarks are a fundemental particles, not as small as Leptons (and the family) but very small, there are 6 'Flavours'
1. Up
2. Down
3. Strange
4. Charmed
5. Top
6. Bottom
and three 'Colours' Green, Red Blue.

They exist in differnt charges +1/3 +2/3 -1/3 -2/3 three of these make up neutons protons...
A proton is made up of two +2/3(red and blue) quarks and a -1/3(green)quakr making a +1 charge!
by Wolfmankurd October 24, 2005

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