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ass, on the xbox fourms when you type in ass insted of it showing up as *** like most "bad" words it is replaced with the words quantum singularity
xXxX MLG XxXx wrote-
you know what this game is realy bad

You wrote-
I bet you like it up the quantum singularity ?

by Divine Maddog February 10, 2009
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n. 1: Like a black hole, only portable, and with a cooler name.
"Quantum singularity? Is that bad?"
"It's like a black hole, only portable, and with a cooler name."
by Yon Terminator September 18, 2004
Its the center of a black hole where matter and gravity come to infinity, and thats bad
Did you hear about that quantum singularity?
Yeah, i did, sounds bad if it gets near us.
by elgrapadora December 30, 2004
Jesus of Nazareth's genitals
Guy 1: Dude have you seen the video of naked Jesus?

Guy 2: Ya! That is a hardcore quantum singularity!

Guy 1: I want a piece o' that yo!

Guy 2: Dude..Jesus could have anyone. No chance you'd be picked. The quantum singularity is gonna be mine!

Uptight Catholic: Blasphemy! How could you speak of our lord in such a manner! You have condemned yourselves to hell.
by Grimmee March 28, 2009

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