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a very common species - a mixture of wallabies and kangaroos.
pt: I cant see how ur head is so big? What's in it?
nk: iq 225 whattt?
pt: international quanagaroo. 225 is ur id number in the zoo. ur hoppin around w/ those quangaroos
by maser P December 14, 2005
A person whose career is characterised by jumping from one quango to another.

A quango being:

"a semi-public administrative body outside the civil service but receiving financial support from the government, which makes senior appointments to it." from the Oxford dictionary.

Originally from US, as an acronym for: Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation.
He just left the Office for Stamps Quality Assurance to take a job at the Organisation for Check Spelling in Postcards Addresses. He's such a quangaroo!
by K///// May 01, 2013
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