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Phrase used by those with a small penis and therefore intended to imply that size doesn’t matter.
Hey, stop laughing, it's quality not quantity that matters. You're still laughing. It's not THAT small, is it?
by 2phat December 12, 2003
Quality Not Quantity. A subject that has to be put straight forward with no jargon. It means choosing an object/person for its worthwhile, like a person that actually makes you happy than someone thats just there to look good and rather not engage love on a deeper level e,g,; only using you for ego boosts.
Girl 1: Your boyfriends a nerd, a freak and a creep. His looks are just off, he's a fake. Girl 2: Look, just because my boyfriend is not the "oh look at me my looks are stunning. Imma show off" ego typed, doesn't mean he's a fake. In fact getting to know him is a blessing. Every time I'm with him I have no fears or worries about myself with no self consiousnes. I love him for him, and for the sake that hes true to himself, NOT BECAUSE OF HIS LOOKS. IN FACT I SEE THROUGH EVERYONE WHOS THAT TYPED! Wanna know why? Because their all the bloody SAME SHIT ASSESS THAT ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES THAN THE PERSON THEIR WITH! Get you're facts right before you go judging someone. Your the creep here, not him. You're the fake for saying such a superficial thing. Quality Not Quantity Bitch!!!!!
by Creepypastas are awesome December 17, 2015
A term used in online discussions, which is usually about how having a smaller number of "good players" is better than having a large number of "bad players" in order to get something done. Usually the bad players are referred to as zerglings, or lemmings. Dragonball Z was the first to use this phrase in this way.
Majin Buu: You have two saiyans, I have three. Not to mention the Namek.

Vegitto: Its quality not quantity my friend.
by Dark_Loki January 29, 2008
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